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Services  i can provide as your doula:

Free first Consultation 

Our first meeting is free of charge. It's an opportunity to meet and explore how can we work together so you are empowered to have the kind of birth you want based on informed choice.

2 Prenatal Visits 

We will meet at least two times before you have your baby. Some parents need more than two meetings, so I am always willing to arrange more visits before the birth if is needed (with an extra charge if is more than 3 times)

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Phone & Email Support during anytime of your pregnancy or post natal period

I will be available to speak on the phone or email if you have any question or concerns. I will go 'on call' for you from 38 weeks pregnant until your baby is born. During this time you will be my priority and you can reach me any time of the day or night. I will stay with you throughout your birth and only leave when you are happily settled and ready to have some family time.

Professional emotional and practical support

In my role as doula I am led by you, providing the support that you may need along the way. The kind of support I give is emotional, practical and informational and it will be offered unconditionally and without judgement. I will keep our conversations and all correspondence strictly confidential.

I draw on my knowledge and experience to provide you with emotional support and physical comfort when needed.. If the need arises, I can help you communicate with your midwife and medical care givers to ensure that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions during pregnancy, labour, bonding and early parenting. I can provide a continuous friendly face for you (and your partner), make suggestions for planning and preparing your birth and bonding environment and building rapport with your midwives and medical attendants.

I am able to make suggestions for labour progress, help with relaxation, positioning and other comfort measures. I can help protect your space during your bonding period and I will be available for consultation after the baby is born. I do not come between you and your partner but rather support both of you. During labour my aim is to 'hold your space' so unless you request my physical support, my role is to 'be', not necessarily 'do'.

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During labour and birth

I will remain with you throughout labour, birth and bonding. If you transfer from home to hospital or within the hospital, I will do my very best to stay with you.

I will also do my best to safeguard those precious first minutes of physiological bonding after birth knowing that I can later be with you for any post-natal support needed.

Baby’s feeding Support 

I will support any decision you make regarding your baby feeding and continue to provide emotional and practical support.
In 2021 I got a diploma in Breastfeeding counselling and If you decide to breastfeed your baby I can offer breastfeeding preparation during pregnancy and I also offer breastfeeding consultations at your home or hospital after baby is born.

Community Referrals

By the time your baby is born probably we will already have talked about the importance of building your "tribe" and having a local network. I'm happy to keep you updated on groups , meeting and clinics you may want to attend.


Postpartum follow-up visit 

Once baby is born and everyone is settle and ready to cuddle as a family I will leave and come back within the first week for our postnatal visit (this is inlcuded in my birth doula package)

Post natal

I also offer a postnatal doula service wich is both flexible and tailored to your needs. In the same way as a birth doula, I will give you emotional, practical and informational support in the post natal period. I am happy to do anything that helps you to enjoy this precious time with your new baby,

As a Doula, I  Do Not:

x Perform any clinical tasks

My role is to support you and your partner in an emotional and practical way. The role of the doula is non-medical.

x Make decisions for you 

I will support you in every decision you make and we can walk together on this journey but I will never make decisions on your behalf.

x Project any of my personal experiences onto your journey

This is YOUR moment , your baby, your choices and your own and unique experience.

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