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  • Ceci Doula

The Doula

Doulas. Who are we? It is considered the second oldest profession. It is natural and biological for women to help others during birth. For centuries we did that. So how is it possible that many people don't have a clue about who we are or what we do? We follow our instincts and we also get trained, we study, we read and we support each other. We have always been around. It is not all about what the doula knows, but about how that family feels with the doula. It is about connexion. We are a mix of instincts and knowledge. It is in our genes, we women give birth surrounded by other women. Today we have a name, we are doulas but before we were witches, we were slaves, we were those women in the cave keeping our sister warmed and relaxed. We were that woman in the village running with hot water and towels, we are that little girl talking to that breastfeeding mum in the corner of the party, we are that friend that comes to your house the first day you are alone with your new baby asking if you had lunch, knowing that you didn't. Why people do not know about us? We live in a culture where birth became a medical procedure. There is no place for hormones and no time to listen our body. The system and most of the medical staff tell us to lay down in a bed and push with our legs up in the air. A world where movies show us that birth hurts so bad that women scream begging for an epidural. But nobody shows how women enjoy to give birth, or how wonderful oxytocin is as natural painrelief.

We as society need to see the birth as it is. Something natural and normal. How did we get used to see war and violence, but still some people are shocked by a nipple? We need to stop thinking about birth as something medical. It is great to know doctors will be there if we need them. Medicine is wonderful and doctors save many lives a day and thanks to this we can live longer, thanks to science we know how the world and our body works. We need science to get out of the dark, but we also need our instincts. We live in a world where we benefit of having that balance. We are lucky. People keep asking me if we are hippies, if we eat placenta smoothies, or if we only work during home births. Most people do not know about Doulas. We need to spread the word. We need to let the world know that we are women who support other women and families. It doesn't matter in which space or condition. We protect that moment, we want women to feel safe when they give birth. Some women feel safe giving birth at home, and others at the hospital. We leave our believes and experiences behind to be there with our mind and body. So, what is a Doula? We are that person who gives you emotional and practical support during pregnancy birth and beyond. We will protect your space and your choices. We will nurtured you and your family. We are a woman you choose because you feel a connexion that makes you feel safe and protected. And if there is anything you can be sure of... is that we love what we do.

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