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  • Cecilia Goldaracena

My doula bag

Today is the beginning of another on call period and is always very exiting to prepare and keep everything ready for the big day. This is my doula bag and what I always pack for birth. 

Mirror (some mothers ask for one to see when baby is crowning) 

Mints (sugar free ones are better for fresh breath) 

Bottle for water it's very important to be hydrated at all times

Snacks. Once we arrive to the hospital we don't know when we will be able to go to buy some food or if shops are close. It's always good to have some snacks. We need energy and also in case parents run out of food and need and extra bite. I'll bring nuts, sweets and cereals bars. 

Hair bands. For me it's much more comfortable to use a pony tail and also if mum need her hair out of her face. 

Scential oils (an diffuser in case client want one) 

Massage oils (I use coconut or almond) 

Sanitizer gel 

Small toilet bag where I have : toilet wipes, panty liners, tampons, tooth brush and paste, deodorant, extra panty, make up remover wipes and any small travel size toiletries. 

Empty clean spray bottle to fill with fresh water and spray in client face if she is hot. 

Eye mask (I have 3 in case a nap is needed , if room is to bright mum and dad may want one) 

Ear plugs (same reason above) 

Moisturizer cream, hospital air may make skin tight and dry. 

Lip balm (same reason above) 

Blu tack (white in this case) for any photo or birth affirmations parents want to put in the wall. Also for birth plan to be visibly at all times 

Inflator (for peanut and Pilates ball) 

Paracetamol (for me) in case is needed for any muscular pain or headache. 

Wallet with id, cash and card (and keys) 

Mobile phone with music, headphones and charger

Pillow, I bring a travel pillow with me because is easy to use if there is no seat (e.g seating in the floor) 

Massage balls, this balls are good for many things I use them a lot for lower back massage and also feet massage. Also as a focus point to concentrate, or to squeeze. 

Plastic bags in a small pocket of the bag 


Notebook and pen 

Copy of birth plan and parent wishes 

I think this is all. This list may change depending on client but these are my essentials. What do you pack in your doula bag? 

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